press releases Founder Roger Ver Donates 1000 Laptops, Copies of Economics in One Lesson, to Students in Antigua

28th July 2021, St Kitts & Founder Roger Ver announced today he has made a donation of 1,000 ASUS laptops and 1,000 copies of Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson to support the education of students in Antigua.

The computers were purchased with Bitcoin Cash through BitoPro, Taiwan’s largest cryptocurrency service provider, and each student who reads the Foundation for Economic Education’s copy of Economics in One Lesson (paid for in Bitcoin Cash) will earn $100 USD in Bitcoin Cash that they can hold as an investment, put towards future educational opportunities, or spend at vendors all across Antigua.

“Bitcoin Cash adoption is growing faster in Antigua than maybe anywhere else in the world right now.” said Roger Ver. He continued: 

“And the students who read the book and earn their Bitcoin Cash will be able to go anywhere in the country and find a place to use it. They won’t need to go through the difficult process of setting up a bank account or getting a debit card, they can just download the wallet for free and start using their BCH.”

Commenting on the donation, Foundation for Economic Education Executive Vice President Richard Lorenc said:

“Economics in One Lesson is the best introduction to economic thinking a student can read” and that “FEE is excited to work with Roger Ver again to help bring free-market thought to students around the world.”

The donation will be completed by the end of March when students will begin receiving their laptops and books from the Ministry of Education of Central and South America.

“Paying by cryptocurrency has become a reality.” said Titan, the founder of BitoPro. He continued:

“For instance, Visa allows payment settlements using cryptocurrency, and PayPal also allows customers to pay with cryptocurrency. As the leading crypto exchange in Taiwan, BitoPro will keep working on how to integrate the payment of cryptocurrency.”

FEE & – Expanding Learning Through Crypto

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) recently announced two gifts totalling $2,000,000 from Founder Roger Ver, following a previous donation of $1,000,000 in 2013. The recent gift supported FEE’s 75th anniversary celebrations. Founded in 1946, FEE is the oldest libertarian think tank in the U.S and reaches an audience of hundreds of millions online and nearly 20,000 students through classroom programs in colleges and high schools in both the United States and Latin America.

To learn about how you can start using Bitcoin Cash today, visit and download the wallet.

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Santo Blockchain and French Artist Jerome Peschard Release Cutting Edge XR-NFT Series

Bitcoin Press Release: Santo Blockchain Labs have joined forces with French artist Jerome Peschard to create an XR-NFT art series like nothing the crypto market has seen before. 

26th July 2021, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  Santo Blockchain Labs, a creative blockchain software development company has joined forces with renowned French pop artist Jerome Peschard, to bring to life a new series of NFTs called XR-NFTs “eXtended Reality Non-Fungible Tokens”.

What Are XR-NFTs?

XR-NFTs are the most eclectic form of using 3D scanning telemetry, augmented reality, virtual reality, sound, and digital smell technology intertwined with the creativity of Jerome Peschard’s digital pop art. The NFT creations use blockchain technology to offer their user a one-of-a-kind sensorial digital asset experience.

Rush of Mars

To honor this new dawn of space travel, where the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk are disrupting space travel and making it a reality for all humankind to one day travel to space, Jerome Peschard has created a limited-edition series of 50 XR-NFTs and 1 Digital-Physical Asset Based XR-NFT allegory entitled “Rush of Mars“.

The “Rush of Mars” allegory will feature a 150X150cm physical original artwork from pop artist Jerome Peschard. Jerome’s canvas of choice are rusty steel sheets from building construction sites pieced together to form the masterpiece. The creation has a neon greenish light on the words “Rush of Mars” the neon light will slowly flash 2-3 times, before an electric spark ignites the electrode gas in the neon, to light up the letters. Additionally, viewers will experience a humming sound that atoms make when getting electrically charged inside the vacuum tube. 


From the greenish futuristic hue, with elements of 1950s fast-food signage, to a countdown of a rocket ship, electric futuristic vehicle, 60s style female model and flying saucers, including many hidden elements, gives us a true sense of the allegory of “Rush to Mars”.This physical masterpiece asset will have an NFC-Tag that can be scanned by any smartphone to open the XR-NFT, it will show multiple 3D elements, and sounds to bring this masterpiece to life in a digital and blockchain world. 

The purpose of the NFC-Tag is to give not only the owner a unique sensorial experience and transfer the asset but to also give anyone that experience when admiring this masterpiece in any museum, gallery, or private showing. The limited-edition series of 50 XR-NFTs, will each have one unique element chosen by Jerome and minted on the blockchain. 

Own an XR-NFT

With this unique XR-NFT series, Santo Blockchain has made it possible for art aficionados around the world to purchase artworks from renowned artists like Jerome Peschard. Interested parties can sign up for the presale waiting list through Santo Blockchain. 

The limited edition of 50 XR-NFTs are set to be minted in mid-August and will be available to buy with ETH. Anyone interested in the unique creations can stay up to date about the minting details, and future airdrops via the Santo Blockchain social media channels. 

The hope is that one day, in the not-so-distant future; not only will humans travel to space, but also take these digital assets along, empowering us to enjoy and to barter in these new frontiers.

Santo Blockchain Socials

Twitter | Reddit | Linkedin | YouTube 

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Overview of the platform

Currently, in the world there are many powerful people, who are those whose words alone are enough to change the world, and one of those people is Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is a technology billionaire, owning billions of dollars in assets, technologies that we once thought were only in the future. And one thing is for sure, Musk’s influence cannot be expressed in a few words. We saw how massive the growth of Bitcoin was when Musk, with just one line, announced that he was in favor of Bitcoin becoming an official currency. And we also saw how the coin itself dropped in value when Musk said that he would no longer accept Bitcoin payments. Those are just a few of the latest pieces of information that could prove just how influential Musk is.

Elon Musk is one of the first billionaires to show his support to cryptocurrencies publicly. His presence in this market will entail an effect and a huge capital inflow in the future. $MUSK & MuskSwap wants to build a community to follow & support not only Elon Musk but also many billionaires who believe in the development of crypto market, which can help to increase the value of many potential coins & tokens. 

What does MuskSwap have?

A special feature of MuskSwap is that this platform is built on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) protocol, one of the best protocols available today. This makes it possible for the users of the platform to have the best experience, with blazing speed, and a world-leading level of security. 

The first one: Swap & Liquidity pools

Joining MuskSwap Liquidity Pool is one of the steps for users to become Liquidity Providers, and own LP tokens. While this is a very basic step that we’re sure the vast majority of users are familiar with, let’s re-explain it a bit:

When users provide liquidity into our pools, which are locked by smart contracts, they become LPs, and receive LP tokens. The number of LP tokens is completely at the user’s discretion.

After becoming a LP, users can freely participate in features such as trade and swap, among other functions to be able to receive high profits.

Second: Token collection

The ecosystem also includes $MUSK, $SPACEX, $TESLA, $STARLINK, the symbols of which show the most famous super projects of Elon Musk. Those tokens are in development & coming soon to the community and can be staked or farmed on the platform. 

Third: Farming & Staking

We highly suggest users to use the LP tokens they receive to farm MUSK, because they will be able to get APY up to 500% and even higher. Or simply by staking $MUSK, , $SPACEX, $TESLA, $STARLINK can bring similarly high APY. However, that does not mean that we do not focus on other BSC tokens, and farming and staking those tokens can also bring extremely high APY, at least 100%.

Fourth, Lottery

The lottery feature is a third method that can give users an almost free token amount.

Token Sale

o   Pre-sale (01 Aug ~ 31 Aug, 2021): 

50,000,000,000,000 MUSK, price : $0.000000025

o   Public sale round 1 (01 Sep ~ 30 Sep, 2021):

50,000,000,000,000 MUSK, price : $0.000000035

o   Public sale round 2(01 Oct ~ 31 Oct, 2021): 

50,000,000,000,000 MUSK, price : $0.000000045

o   Public sale round 3(01 Nov ~ 30 Nov, 2021): 

50,000,000,000,000 MUSK, price : $0.000000055

o   Public sale round 4 (01 Dec ~ 31 Dec, 2021): 

50,000,000,000,000 MUSK, price : $0.000000065

In each round, we will sale 50 billion tokens, a large enough amount of tokens to serve the needs of users.

Swap market price : $0.0000001 up

Those who can’t buy MUSK during the token sale don’t need to worry, because the amount of tokens we issue is 1,000,000,000,000,000 MUSK. That means there are still a lot of tokens waiting for users to get into their possession.

Airdrop: The other way to get MUSK is via Muskswap and farming on the platform or earn via Airdrop program of 30,000 billion $MUSK (~$3,000,000). 

Token Address: 0xcD657182A749554fc8487757612F02226355269d

These links can help you for more information, click on them if you want to know more about the platform:

Telegram channel:

Telegram group:




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Seascape Network & Binance NFT Release Exclusive Zombie Mystery Box NFTs

Bitcoin Press Release: Seascape Network will collaborate with Binance NFT to release new limited edition zombie mystery box NFTs.

20th July 2021, SINGAPORE – Leading DeFi and NFT gaming platform Seascape Network is working with Binance NFT, enabling the integration of BSC for exclusive NFTs from their upcoming Zombie game series on the brand new Binance NFT Marketplace

Binance NFT Mystery Boxes

The limited edition zombie slayer character Wichita will be exclusively available only through Binance NFT patented Mystery Boxes and will be available in 5 qualities. Higher quality NFTs are extremely rare and bring players higher rewards when using them in Seascape’s upcoming 5th game. With a finite number of the rare NFTs minted, serious players are encouraged to try and acquire them via the NFT Mystery Boxes to start staking them for competitive rewards. 

Seascape Tops DeFi Games Category

This news comes after a series of high points for the growing gaming network this summer. All of its DeFi games earned top 10 spots in BSC’s DeFi games category, and their original NFTs Scapes were Number 1 on the NFT marketplace Treasureland for almost the entire month of June 2021.

They were listed on the Crypto world’s most highly rated Ethereum-based DEX, SushiSwap and released a fourth NFT-based DeFi game. Binance NFT Mystery Boxes offer a crowning achievement on a stellar month for the growing network.  

Seascape Zombie NFTs 

Seascape believes that the future of NFTs in games must be about creating value for their owners. So, instead of purchasing an NFT for market price and using it to accomplish non-incentivized in-game tasks (such as leveling up a character), Seascape NFTs spend their entire life cycle offering opportunities to increase earnings for its holder. Right now the Seascape Zombie NFTs are very competitively priced, at under £20 BUSD.

Seascape NFTs have varying dimensions, such as character, quality, and generation, which affect the ways by which the user can employ them toward the pursuit of profit. Wichita NFTs will come in five qualities: Common, Special, Rare, Epic, & Legendary. Players will have the opportunity to stake their Scapes in Seascape’s zombie themed DeFi game in exchange for in-game rewards. 

These bat-swinging NFTs will be making their way to Binance NFT Marketplace soon, and will be ready to tell more Tales from the Crypt-o-currency! Those interested can stay up to date through the official Seascape Twitter account 

About Binance NFT Marketplace

Binance NFT Marketplace offers an open market for artists, creators, crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors and creative fans around the world with the best liquidity and minimal fees. Consisting of three categories, Premium Events, Mystery Box and a trading Marketplace, Binance NFT features valuable collectibles and an easily accessible trading market for all of its users. Content creators and artists who wish to collaborate can contact Binance through their NFT email address linked below 

Binance Links

NFT Marketplace | Binance NFT email 

Seascape Socials

Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Games  

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Auditchain To Use NFTs for Accounting and Disclosure Controls

Press Release: The launch of the world’s first decentralized accounting, audit, financial reporting virtual machine will feature non-fungible tokens for Proof of Assurance of disclosure controls and to allocate royalties between creators and validators of control logic 

July 20, 2021 – ZUG, SWITZERLAND – Auditchain Labs AG, ( the developer of the world’s first decentralized accounting, financial reporting, audit and analysis virtual machine for assurance and disclosure, today announced a new NFT creation platform that will allocate royalties between curators and validators of global standard logic-based accounting and disclosure control components. 

Accountants. reporting managers, CFOs, controllers, and financial analysts will now be able to use the Auditchain Protocol to write, validate and own logic-based accounting and disclosure control “assets” that substantially automate accounting, financial reporting, audit and analysis processes using a global standard syntax on the Auditchain Protocol.

Non-fungible tokens representing the controls are issued to the curators, and royalties are allocated between curators and validators who audit and provide assurance that the machine-readable logic works correctly. Royalties will be allocated in AUDT, the settlement and Auditchain Protocol governance token.  

As more and more of the world’s accountants and professionals create and contribute more and more controls to the virtual machine, members of the institution of accountancy can move from performing manual tasks to writing controls that automate internal control logic and controls over financial reporting while building a portfolio that generates income and opportunities for liquidity. 

The external validation of the controls will occur within ISAE independent engagement standards on the Auditchain Protocol and will solve major challenges for other auditors involved in financial statement audits by providing proof of assurance knowledge graphs. This represents a critical solution for reporting entities and the audit profession in Europe who are now obligated to include machine-readable data and logic within the scope of their financial statement audit engagements under new CEAOB guidance issued in late 2019 .

The financialization of machine-readable accounting logic and controls using NFTs is a major breakthrough and represents the opportunity for the world’s accountants and professionals to accumulate a portfolio that annuitizes their income each time their controls are used and provides opportunities for liquidity events for the assets they create.

“While NFTs have fired the imagination of creators of art, music and collectibles, this represents a limited use case for the technology so far,” said Auditchain project founder Jason Meyers. He continued:

“On the Auditchain Protocol, NFTs  will be  a major financial incentive for professionals to create the controls the world needs, contribute to the virtual machine and for the institution of accountancy to innovate in a truly transformative way.”

Auditchain also reported that Charles Hoffman, CPA, who helped create the XBRL global standard syntax for financial reporting, was recently appointed as a Product Manager for Auditchain. Mr. Hoffman’s appointment included the contribution of all of the controls created by him over the years which are now the basis of the XBRL based US GAAP Reporting Scheme and are used by most companies who file financial reports with the SEC and ESMA. The first set of NFTs on the Auditchain Protocol will feature all of the controls created by Mr. Hoffman.  

“NFTs represent a tremendous opportunity for professional accountants to monetize their accounting knowledge. The combined capabilities of NFTs and the capacity XBRL offers in terms of expressing machine-readable rules is very innovative. I am excited to be a part of this project.” stated Mr. Hoffman

Users of the Auditchain Protocol will consume the control components similar to how software itself uses plugins. The Auditchain financial report creation and rules validation engine ingests the logic represented by the NFTs and automates the constraints, structure, mathematics, compliance, computational output and external validation of the financial state of an economic entity.  Auditchain is also the first protocol to use the ERC-721 standard in the commercialization of software. 

A token generation event is underway for non-US users of the Auditchain Protocol. Enquiries can be sent to 

About Auditchain

Auditchain ( ) is the world’s first decentralized accounting, audit, financial reporting and analysis virtual machine that automates and provides proof of assurance for the world’s business information. Auditchain Labs AG is a founding member of the DCARPE Alliance Association and is leading the development of the Auditchain Protocol with other members of the Alliance.

About DCARPETM Alliance Association

The DCARPE™ Alliance Association is a global organization consisting of members of the accounting, audit, financial reporting, legal, blockchain, investment and regulatory community, The purpose of the Alliance is to provide education, drive technology innovation and open source engineering, develop, launch and promote the adoption of continuous audit and real time digital financial reporting using the Auditchain Protocol.

Visit the AuditChain website for more information:

Follow AuditChain on Twitter, on Facebook, or meet the team on Linkedin

Media Contact: 

Company Contact: Jason Meyers

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SafeMars & SafeEarth Sponsor DJ Sensations W&W Online on July 24 for Rave Culture Live 002

Press Release:  SafeMars & SafeEarth Sponsor Rave Culture Live 002 with W&W + Guest – For FREE on Jul 24

20th July 2021, London, England – SafeMars and SafeEarth are two innovative crypto platforms that offer new financial freedom for the public and at the same time, make it interesting to do so. In line with their philosophy, the two crypto platforms are proud to announce that they are sponsoring the DJ duo of W&W and Guest together live on the 24th of July, for FREE, for anyone who wants to attend. Now that’s something worth tuning in for, right?

The event will be held virtually, in W&W’s very own digital nightclub, Club Mythic, which has been host to a spread of fantastic music events including Rave Culture 001, where W&W showcased some of the very best in the EDM world to the internet. Scores watched live, and to date, over three million people have watched the event across all social media channels.

Following the success of Rave Culture 001, W&W are going to continue it in a second performance, aptly called Rave Culture Live 002. W&W are performing the 002 concert live in a mission to bring music to the masses.

W&W – Superstars at the Top of Digital DJing

Dutch duo Willem van Hanegem and Ward van der Harst formed their alliance in 2007 and have made a name in the EDM DJ scene. They wanted to allow freedom of artistry across all aspects, with both music and design in mind. With the desire to be more creative and the need to establish a community within dance music, Rave Culture was born. They have since garnered a large fan following which stretches across many countries worldwide. Put the date in your diary and keep up to date with the event via the official concert page now!

Protecting Earth Whilst Earning with SafeMars and SafeEarth

SafeEarth have been busy this year, having already donated more than $200,000 this year alone to different organizations such as Amazon Watch and Save the Children. The DeFi platform is set up with a four-tax system to divert 1% of transaction fee to holders of SafeEarth, and 1% of transaction fee to charitable initiatives. SafeEarth have big plans for this year, including a food campaign to bring vital food to 1000 families in India which has already started.

SafeEarth are also working on becoming a legally registered charity in the UK. With more charitable initiatives to be announced soon, it’s looking to be a fruitful year of giving and success for SafeEarth.

SafeMars shares similar deflationary tokenomics and offers gasless rewards for holding its tokens, and has auto-locked liquidity that is designed to be rug proof. In line with its high yield services, SafeMars is launching a staking dApp that will offer greater rewards for users who stake the SAFEMARS BNB LP tokens. SafeMars has garnered an immense following since its inception in March. 

Today it boasts nearly half a million token holders and $2.2 million locked in liquidity. In three months, the SAFEMARS token has achieved more than $19.5 million in market capitalization and true to its deflationary tokenomics, has burnt 608.6 trillion tokens (more than half of its total supply). Safemars has seen peaks of $450m market cap this year, with daily trading volumes of $1.3m and over 480k investors. 

Don’t miss the chance for the greatest rave party online, made accessible to all by SafeMars and SafeEarth. Mark the Date: 24 July 2021

Join SafeEarth’s mission:

Become a Martian:

Media Contact

Name: SafeEarth Team


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Spin Your Way into Betsoft’s Hall of Fame and- Win Amazing Prizes on 1xBit

Bitcoin Press Release: Top crypto gambling website, hosts the Betsoft Hall of fame slots tournament. 

16th July 2021, Limassol, Cyprus — 1xBit is here with a massive slot tournament, designed for players to enjoy the beauty of Betsoft’s slots game and stand the chance of walking away with 100 mBTC. 


Betsoft, a well-known online casino provider with unique and innovative products, has thrilled players over the years with fantastic slot games. At 1xBit, users always enjoy Betsoft’s mind-blowing bonuses and mechanics and now 1xBit rolls out BETSOFT’S HALL OF FAME slot tournament, which will reward lucky winners with up to 100 mBTC in prizes!

The tournament kicks off on July 16, 2021, and runs until August 2, 2021. To participate and win, users must play slots from Betsoft during the tournament period. With game themes like African Safari, Classics/fruits, Magic, Mystery, Ancient Egypt, Greek Mythology, and lots more, players are sure to feel the electrifying energy on the reels!

Spin To Win

With every spin of the reels, players have the opportunity to climb to the top of the leaderboard. At the end of the tournament, those who finish in the first to fifth positions walk away with the prizes. Here’s what each winner gets:

  • 1st place – 100 mBTC
  • 2nd place – 40 mBTC
  • 3rd place – 30 mBTC
  • 4th place – 20 mBTC
  • 5th place – 10 mBTC

More About 1xBit has continued to provide excellent online gambling services to both casino lovers and sports bettors. Players on the platform get to enjoy mind-blowing promotions from time to time. In addition to the regular promotions, here are benefits you gain from gambling on 1xBit:

  • Huge welcome bonus: Get up to a 7 BTC welcome package on your first 4 deposits as a newcomer!
  • Anonymous gambling: Play rewarding casino games and bet on thousands of sports markets without having to submit your private details. 100% anonymity assured!
  • Numerous currency options: With over 30 cryptocurrencies supported on the site, you are free to choose any coin at any time and easily switch between them.
  • Instant payouts: No delays in financial transactions! You will have your money credited to your wallet immediately after your request.
  • Large collection of games: 5000+ slots and 200+ live dealer games from top online casino providers in the industry.

Don’t wait any longer – enjoy the best slots collection and joy

Media Contact Details

Contact Name: Anastasia Semenova

Contact Email: 

1xBit Socials

Website | Blog | Twitter | Telegram

1xBit is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Coinfluence Announces ICO to Empower the Next Generation of Influencer Marketing

With the volume of newly launched tokens growing by the day, Coinfluence has introduced a revolutionary platform to offer a holistic influencer-driven exposure to tokens that deserve and need it.

15th July, 2021, Talinn, Estonia: The crypto industry has a unique marketing environment – being a cutting-edge industry, traditional (even digital-traditional) marketing strategies have proven to be ineffective at capturing the attention and interest of today’s crypto consumers. Heavy users of social media, the younger crowd relies more on word of mouth than ads or news. According to recent research, the influencer market will reach nearly $14 billion this year, and it is no wonder that this shift in paradigm will be felt in the crypto sphere.

Take the example of Elon’s Musk’s infamous support for Dogecoin. The latest tweet recovered the 10% drop it witnessed a day earlier. One tweet can be the difference between the life and death of the next breakthrough in the digital asset space. Such is the power of influencers in crypto. 

Coinfluence: The Crypto Influencer Platform of the Future

Coinfluence solves the crypto influencer marketing problem by connecting upcoming projects with a wealth of high-level influencers. The outcome is an environment where projects get access to high-quality social media influencers that can attract the right crowd and increase the chances of a successful launch while the influencers get to be a part of the next breakthrough in crypto, creating fantastic win-win situations. And of course, a good project doesn’t necessarily translate into a successful one if it remains under the radar. Access to a wide range of influencers means that it will get the right exposure, putting it on the map where it truly belongs.

Coinfluence achieves this with a tight-knit set of strategies. First, any project that wishes to be listed must go through a stringent quality check that is based on a multitude of factors, allowing only thoroughly vetted projects to be listed. This creates a cleaner and better option for investors, whilst protecting the market from scams, rug pulls, and bad actors.

At the centre of this whole ecosystem is the CFLU token, designed to assist projects and influencers to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Approved projects get to hold their token sales through the launchpad, where the community can acquire their tokens using CFLU. Each transaction gets taxed, with the amount being distributed for liquidity, staking rewards and marketing. At the same time, the deflationary token model should push the CFLU price upwards.

CFLU Token Sale Event

Driving the economics behind Confluence’s ecosystem is the Binance Smart Chain-based BEP-20 compliant CFLU token. Based on the principles of deflation, there  are a total of 1 billion CFLU, of which 650 million are already available in the currently ongoing token sale. The event is phase-based, with each of the 100 successful phases making the CFLU progressively more expensive (currently phase 1 has a price of 0.0056 USD per 1 CFLU).

Out of the 650 million CFLU, 100 million have been set aside for financing the platform developers. To give confidence to projects, influencers and users of CFLU, a vesting schedule will allow the team access to 20% of the funds, with the rest being released periodically. This ensures that rugpulls are guaranteed against.

An innovative tax system is also a unique approach, by which 10% of all transactions are deducted, with 4% going to the liquidity pools, 4% to token holders and 2% for marketing and expansion. Along with this, every 10th transaction in the first 1000 transactions will receive 5000 bonus tokens as a reward. Visit the Coinfluence ICO platform to get your CFLU tokens today.

The Present and the Future

The Coinfluence concept materialized at the start of 2021.. Alongside this, the Coinfluence team has achieved onboarding a large number of influencers and it has set a target of 100,000 top influencers under its Enrolment Program. Coinfluence is also building towards global collaborations and getting CFLU listed on major exchanges, to provide increased liquidity and access for the everyday user to the CFLU ecosystem. Confluence is also looking to list CFLU on major coin monitoring platforms such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, plus portfolio tracker Blockfolio, to raise awareness and increase information transparency.

Further down the road, Coinfluence will be launching its mobile app for access on the go. Confluence will be also roll out their own launchpad, giving projects a one-stop solution to top influencers and the many intricacies involved in project setup and launch, all at the same time. Finally, Coinfluence will create its own news platform, the Coinfluence News Network to inform its users and the public on the latest happenings in the industry.

Visit the Coinfluence ICO platform to get your CFLU tokens today.

Connect via Twitter:

Join the official Telegram group:

Follow on Instagram:

Catch Coinfluence on Reddit:

Media Contact

Contact Email:

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Paybis Rolls Out Instant Bank Payments Globally, Cuts Fees to 0.99%

Press Release: Paybis introduces instant bank payments solution for UK and EU; adds support for local bank payments in the US and SWIFT USD for international clients. 

7th July 2021, Edinburgh, Scotland – Global cryptocurrency exchange Paybis is introducing several new payment options for its international customers. Paybis users will now be able to purchase cryptocurrencies using the United Kingdom’s (UK) Faster Payments system and the European Union’s (EU) Single European Payment Area (SEPA) for instant GBP and EUR deposits respectively. The exchange has also launched local bank payments in the United States (US) as well as SWIFT USD to allow international payments.

A Worldwide Solution for the Best Price

These additions are part of Paybis’ mission to help its customers participate in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world by cutting costs and lowering the barrier to entry. Accordingly, as part of the launch of new payment options, Paybis is reducing its fee for cryptocurrency purchases to 0.99% from 2.99%, as well as increasing spending limits for all customers, from 200,000 USD in single-purchases, to 1,000,000 USD.

Paybis on the Move 

Paybis has been busy developing its cryptocurrency exchange services since its founding in 2014. The global cryptocurrency exchange has added several features, including a blog to help its users keep up with the rapidly-developing crypto-world, a referrals & affiliate program which rewards users who refer new traders and a news section so its users can keep up with the exchange’s developments.

Paybis has also introduced crypto-price tracking pages that anyone can use to check prices in realtime. Moreover a customer can check bitcoin price or any other crypto price in more than 90 different local currencies. Moreover, Paybis has added crypto-calculator pages, enabling visitors and customers to easily calculate the value of one of the 400 crypto-assets in several different currencies. All of these features are intended to ensure customers can buy bitcoin and other currencies easily and efficiently. In March 2021, the exchange also announced it is preparing to offer support for New York customers, which would bring the total number of US states it serves to 49.

About Paybis

Paybis is a cryptocurrency exchange that enables the user-friendly purchasing of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via a diverse variety of payment methods, including debit and credit cards, instant bank payments in the UK and EU, local bank payments in the US, and SWIFT USD for international clients. The exchange also provides support for over 50 local currencies, in 180 countries. Also included in its reach are 48 US states. Paybis doesn’t take custody of clients’ funds, which means users are always in control.

Finally, Paybis also obtained a temporary cryptoasset registration from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), allowing it to operate in the regulator’s jurisdiction pending assessment of suitability for being granted a permanent license. The FCA guidance and regulatory framework is focused on preventing illicit activities in the crypto-space and encouraging a safe trading environment to foster the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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1xBit Introduces DAI Stablecoin as a New Gambling Currency

Bitcoin Press Release: DAI users can now enjoy an engaging betting experience with their favorite stablecoin. 

7th July 2021, Limassol, Cyprus — Online crypto gambling site,, has announced the introduction of DAI token as one of its betting currency options. This provides punters who love anonymous betting with more options to make faster and easier payments.

What is DAI?

The DAI token is a stable coin built on the Ethereum blockchain, with its value equal to one US dollar. It also serves as the key to the MakerDAO lending system. DAI is created whenever a loan is taken on the MakerDAO. It is the official currency of the lending system, used by users to borrow and make payments. When the DAI coin is created, it operates as an Ethereum stable token. Users can pay for different items with the stable coin by simply transferring through Ethereum wallets.

What makes the DAI token special is how the price is kept constant. This happens through smart contracts that are automatically executed. If the DAI price shifts too far from a dollar, MKR tokens are created or burned to stabilize the price.

The algorithms of the MakerDAO platform manage DAI prices automatically. This makes it independent of any system or person to keep the currency steady. Holders of MKR benefit when DAI remains one dollar as the supply of MKR decreases and becomes more valuable and rare. To date, the DAI token has been stable for more than three years and has experienced only little fluctuations.

DAI Comes To 1xBit

The introduction of DAI to the 1xBit’s platform adds to the list of stable coins already available on the site. 1xBit continues to expand its number of available currencies and provide more betting opportunities. At the moment, thousands of punters are partaking in the most prominent online lottery – EUROMANIA 2020 with a 3 BTC prize fund.

Many lucky punters will be walking away with 100 mBTC and other prizes just for betting on EURO 2020. The winner of the grand lottery draw walks away with a 1 BTC star prize. DAI users can also collect their lottery tickets now by betting on EURO 2020 events on 1xBit. The lottery runs until July 11, don’t forget to collect your tickets!

150 Free Spins

1xBit is offering all users who deposit at least 150 in DAI a wonderful prize of 50 free spins in Betsoft’s “QUEST TO THE WEST!” slot game. The offer is time-limited, so hurry to grab your gift!

About 1xBit

Founded in 2016, 1xBit is one of the leading cryptocurrency gambling platforms. It offers many sports betting options and thousands of casino games. Here are benefits you’ll enjoy when you gamble on 1xBit:

  • Welcome bonus: New members on the site can get up to 7BTC bonus cash for their first 4 deposits.
  • Multi-Currency Account: Choose one of 30+ coins available and get the option to change your currency at any time.
  • Instant payouts: 1xBit’s payment system is based on cryptocurrency. Thus, you’ll experience no delays in getting your cash when you request withdrawals. Your money is credited instantly to your wallet!


Stay up to date with 1xBit and be the first to find out its latest bonuses through 1xBit social media channels:

Twitter | Telegram | Blog | Instagram | Youtube

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