Cannot complete offline transaction [LINUX]

I made a transaction online without signing it and saved the json to a text file.
So I spent a few rough hours trying to figure out how to get java on my vm (realized my noob ass didnt create a big enough drive)
  Then spent a few hrs figuring out how to use synaptic to install java offline so i can run ardor offline.
The "Complete Guide to Forging" by ardorer says to install oracle-java8-jdk but I only knew how to install that by connecting to the internet whereas synaptic helped me install offline openjdk-8-jdk and openjdk-8-jre and ca-certificates-java_20160321_all.deb
I felt like I was close, open up ardor (it opened thru firefox localhost:27876).
I input my public address and I can't progress. says error "connecting to the network". Same thing happens after i try making a new address and copy and paste the seed. When I right click on the system tray icon and go to status, I also see "Working offline: false" and I also don't see the [Show Desktop Application] button available.
What's the right way of signing my transaction offline?

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Cannot complete offline transaction [LINUX]