Child chains vs clones

Ok, some questions. Two upcoming projects, Action Coin (NXT) and Lele (Ardor) are clones instead of childchains. And due to that fact they have to airdrop 10% to NXT holders (Action Coin) or Ignis holders (Lele). What is the benefit for Ignis holders when a childchain is added to the Ardor blockchain. Is then there also a 10% airdrop? And is the benefit for Ardor holders the fact that due to increased use of the blockchain forging will be more proffitable? And in order to claim the airdrop in a safe way, is it necesarry to make a new account each time where you temporary store your NXT/Ignis till the airdrop? Or can you use that one extra account for each upcoming airdrop?

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Child chains vs clones