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ImmVRse’s IMVR Listed on DDEX – An Advanced Decentralised Exchange

ImmVRse Press Release

Bitcoin Press Release: ImmVRse Token (Symbol: IMVR), the ERC20 utility token for VR professionals has been listed on DDEX, one of the top five decentralised exchanges in the world. Industry-leading decentralized exchange DDEX offers IMVR traders instant and real-time on-chain settlement on the decentralised platform.

October 2nd, 2018, London UK – Following a token sale conducted between July and September, the VR marketplace platform, ImmVRse, with a combined social media following of 48000 across various channels is progressing towards transforming IMVR into a truly global utility token. The aim of the ERC20 token is to be used as a utility token for ImmVRse DApp, and any other application that will be built within the ImmVRse ecosystem. To celebrate listing of IMVR on DDEX, the exchange has announced a trading competition.

The trading will run from 15:00 September 25, 2018 to 15:00 October 7, 2018 (GMT + 08:00). A total of 400,000 IMVR will be distributed in rewards. More information is available here.

Users can trade via this link:

Farabi Shayor, CEO at ImmVRse said,

“We would like deliver the amazing crypto community with multiple options to join and cooperate with us in the development of disruptive platforms that we aim to develop. DDEX provides an exceptional platform and prospect for current and upcoming IMVR traders to trade using a next-generation and cutting-edge user interface.”

With an aim to target the global market, IMVR will be listed on more DEX and traditional exchanges in the coming months. ImmVRse will also announce further giveaway and trading competitions within the next few weeks.

About DDEX

Using Ethereum smart contracts and the 0x protocol, DDEX allows users to trade digital assets directly from wallet-to-wallet. Built on hydro protocol technology, DDEX is one of the top decentralized exchanges by both total number of transactions and trading volume.

About ImmVRse

ImmVRse is a decentralised VR content sharing platform that will aim to offer creators of the content, VR brands, and advertisers a chance to get the product or service out into the public space. The ImmVRse DApp will work as a smart-contract based marketplace for VR professionals. The platform will have its very own native token, the ImmVRse token (IMVR), which will be used as the form of payment between all parties within the ecosystem.

To learn more visit the Website:
Meet the Team:
Chat with us:
Read the full Whitepaper:
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Trade on DDEX:

Media Contact
Contact Name: Farabi Shayor
Contact Email:

ImmVrse is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. Cryptocurrencies and tokens are extremely volatile. There is no guarantee of a stable value, or of any value at all. Token sales are only suitable for individuals with a high-risk tolerance. Only participate in a token event with what you can afford to lose. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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ImmVRse’s IMVR Listed on DDEX – An Advanced Decentralised Exchange

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Feel the Financial Freedom with Bonpay Crypto Card

November 21, 2017, London, UK — Have some crypto, but don’t know how to spend it because most shops accept only fiat? That’s not a problem any more – crypto cards are the solution. You load it with Bitcoin or any other altcoin and then use it everywhere just like a usual plastic card. It instantly converts the necessary amount from your crypto to fiat, making the use of digital currency as easy as traditional money.

One of the leading services, that offer cryptocurrency cards is Bonpay,  that due to extreme convenience and simplicity, has gained popularity among users of cryptocurrency with lightning speed – more than 2000 clients already enjoy shopping with Bonpay crypto card, while 5000 more cards have been ordered.

Bonpay is currently holding Token Sale, during which more than $7.000.000 already has been raised. It offers 51% of all tokens to public now and 34% during next few years to exclude possibility of control or manipulations from founders or partners. BON tokens will be available on Cryptopia, Livecoin and YoBit exchanges in next few weeks. Company is in the process of negotiating with 8 more large exchanges. More about how to participate in Bonpay Token Sale and bonuses for Black Friday read below.

Although currently Bonpay crypto cards are available only for EU countries, company is working on partnerships with 3 large card-issuers, so in the nearest future more and more people from different countries will experience all convenience of spending digital currency quickly and simply.

Team and advisors – keys to success

Young company successfully entered the market just few months ago, but almost immediately became a leader. And it is not surprising – Bonpay was created by a team of experts with more than 50 years of collective experience in cryptocurrency systems, banking industry and financial instruments, who truly believe in the future of digital currencies and blockchain technology and want to make its usage easy, convenient and secure for everyone. Due to deep knowledge of the market, Bonpay team understands how to make cryptocurrency usage safe and convenient for people everywhere  Bonpay was created to bridge the gap between crypto and real world, giving financial freedom to people.

Company has a team of professional advisors with unique specialty and skill set, whose support and guidance helps to provide best services and expertise for clients. One of advisors is Viktor Chkan, who is an expert on payment processing issues and data security, and has unique experience in financial projects, blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures. Velin Vlasev, specialist in launching e-financial services in Europe and USA, also became company’s advisor to help in providing best card issuing services for Bonpay clients. As Bonpay plans to expand its service, in order to fully understand needs of other markets, Eddy Susanto, co-founder of FasaPay, who is Asian market specialist and has deep experience in payment gateways and electronic money transfers, joined the team. Dmitry Grushetsky, CEO of JustForex, fintech and banking expert with 14 years of experience in financial technologies, helps service in improving liquidity to guarantee stable and secure service for clients.

Token Sale – participate right now!

Currently Bonpay has Token Sale that will last until November, 28. During Token Sale Bonpay has a unique offer – all participants who buy tokens for more than 10 ETH get their cryptocurrency cards absolutely free! But, even if you send less, you will receive 0,65% incentive reward and 0,15% cashback bonus, that are offered for all participants of Token Sale and card holders. Those who send more than 20 ETH, will receive exclusive 20% bonus (around $1500 for every 20 ETH – the more you buy, the more reward you get!), special Black Card with lower fees and higher limits and other pleasant benefits. You don’t have to send 20 ETH at once – total amount from one wallet counts. You can learn more on the page of Token Sale.

There is another way to get this exclusive card – participate in Bonpay art contest. You have a unique chance to express yourself and receive it for free – offer your design for card, win the contest and get Black Card!

Also Bonpay has exclusive offer for upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday! All participants, who buy tokens from November, 24, 12:00 (GMT) to November, 28 14:00 (GMT) will get additional bonus up to 50%. And only during this time you can get reward for encouraging your friends to participate – for every friend who joins Bonpay Token Sale, you will receive 10% from purchased tokens. For more details, please, contact support team on our website.

Although there is not much time left, you still can participate in Bounty Program of Bonpay Token Sale – you can get reward for writing article or making video about Bonpay (up to 1250 BON!) Details about Bounty program here.

Remember, that there is only one week left – don’t lose your chance to participate in Bonpay Token Sale!

White paper:

Media Contact
Contact Name: David

Bonpay is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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African ISP Cajutel to Use Blockchain to Increase Internet Access

Bitcoin Press Release: Cajutel believes blockchain technology can help Africa gain better internet access

November 21, 2017, Bissau, Guinea — Blockchain implementation is a broad subject when applied to matters of innovation and development. Using the Blockchain to achieve developmental goals is a phenomenon that is gaining popularity among the developing countries of the world, where basic infrastructure is still a primary need of citizens.

Two most important elements of technology
In most parts of Africa, infrastructure such as electricity, potable water, access roads, Internet among others are unavailable, not because of a lack of resources, but due to the absence of honest, transparent and secure technical and administrative processes.

Leveraging the Blockchain is enabling a lot of companies to achieve developmental goals, by eliminating the hitherto human and bureaucratic obstacles that have slowed down these regions so far.

Along with electricity, Internet service is one of the most important technological elements needed for any nation to keep up with global advancement, yet many developing countries are still left out of this opportunity of economic advancement.

Blockchain enables global participation
High speed Internet provider, Cajutel, is using Blockchain technology as a tool to raise capital for the development of Internet services in Guinea Bissau and Guinea.

The CEO of Cajutel, Andreas Fink, explains that his company has embraced the Blockchain and ICO methodology of raising capital, in other to open up opportunities for investment to smaller investors.

This has become necessary due to the existing difficulty in getting huge investors and venture capitalists to embrace the project using existing traditional processes.

According to Fink, his company’s ICO is different from most other token sales because in Cajutel’s case, company shares are exchanged for cryptocurrencies. Unlike other ICOs where tokens bought by investors exist afterwards as independent entities in the cryptocurrencies marketplace, Cajutel’s tokens are tied directly to the project as shares.  

This implies that investors are offered the opportunity for long term investment benefits, as purchasing such shares automatically qualifies an investor as a shareholder of the company.

Fink says:

        “In our case, we are using the ICO in a more traditional way, which means that we are raising funds against the shares of the company, because at the end of the day you will have investors who put money down and expecting a return, they want to participate in your revenue which you are giving up.”

Giving the nation a whole new outlook
For what it is, Internet service stands out as a platform upon which numerous aspects of human and regional development must rely.

From financial services to other basic processes of data storage and management, the role of the Internet has become very crucial, especially over the last three decades.

As a tool for national development, Cajutel is looking for an investment of $30 mln to cover Guinea-Bissau and Guinea (the big plan), or a minimum of $12 mln for a slower building plan to only cover Guinea-Bissau.

This is a target that the company plans to use in achieving what it describes as a revolutionary nation-building procedure, considering the fact that its present competitors are just two mobile operators MTN and Orange, offering Internet speeds that are limited to 256kbps ($60/month) while business offerings go up to 1Mbps ($1400/month).

Cajutel’s vision is to build the most cost effective broadband access network, and to provide state of the art communications for its customers – thus creating a big boost to the education and economy. The company also plans on delivering affordable, reliable Internet communication to the local market, and is focused on providing the best performing mobile data network for Guinea-Bissau and Guinea.

Another key area where Cajutel plans to improve in serving the nation, is improving the speed of Internet to a level that has never been achieved in the region.

               “Catujel will be the fastest Internet provider in the area for the public, outperforming existing operators offering by a factor of 10x to 100x with an at least 30 percent cheaper price. This enables Internet technologies not currently present in West Africa simply due to lack of bandwidth and too high prices. It makes it affordable for the general public to get access to the Internet. That is why only less than 2 percent have access today. So there’s 98 percent available to be grabbed by us”, says Fink.

Africa is making progress
Internet service is a real world project that cuts across all parts of the globe. The globalization phenomenon is essentially lubricated by Internet technology, therefore for purposes of national and regional growth and development, the Internet is an essential tool.

Africa and the rest of the developing world are implementing the Blockchain as a tool to enable them to catch-up with their peers, in terms of infrastructural development. This is largely achieved by reducing the level of human and faulty administrative interference, as the Blockchain guarantees transparent, secure and trustless working processes.

Website —
White paper —
Bitcointalk —
YouTube —

Media Contact


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First Blockchain-Based Bandwidth Marketplace Privatix finished Token Sale

Privatix Token Sale Results – Despite the unpredictability of the crypto-world, the craziness of bitcoin hard forks and negative market sentiment, one of the most important chapters in Privatix company history has come to an end and opened up an amazing opportunity for us to make the world a better place with blockchain.

1,435 people from all over the world have joined our movement and contributed a total of 7,183 ETH (~$2.37 million).

We would like to thank everyone in our community for all your support. Our team has started work on implementing our roadmap and building a truly revolutionary Privatix Network.


The Privatix Token Sale opened on 19 October 2017 and ended at 16 November 2017. During those 30 days we collected: 5,775 ETH (7,183 ETH in total with 1,408 ETH of Pre-sale). At the time, ETH was valued at 330 USD, thus Privatix raised in total the equivalent of ~2,370,000 USD.

Privatix Token (PRIX) distribution details:
100% Total supply: 1,275,455
83% Token Sale and Pre-sale: 1,058,627
7% Founders (locked for 12m):  89,281
7% Future and current team: 89,281
3% Advisors, bounty, and cost covering: 38,263
Total circulation supply: 1,058,627 (7% of locked 12m tokens excluded)
Total contributors: 1,435
All unsold tokens were burned, and no future tokens can be issued.
The exact total supply is 1,275,455.31177803 PRIX
Token address: 0x3adfc4999f77d04c8341bac5f3a76f58dff5b37a

About the company

Privatix develops first internet bandwidth marketplace based on P2P VPN network on Blockchain. The company possesses more than 10 years of experience in the VPN development field. Among products created by Privatix: free VPN service,, temporary mail service.

Media Contact:
Name: Dmitriy Rubtsov
Company: PrivatixToken Limited
Location: Gibraltar

Privatix is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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NITRO – First Cryptocurrency Backed by a Public Company & Supported by Video-Games Business With 348 Million Smartphone Users Announces ICO

Bitcoin Press Release: Australian Blockchain innovators NITRO , a subsidiary of iCandy Interactive LTD, look set to fast-forward the videogames industry via their NITRO marketplace. NITRO offer details about their upcoming ICO, scheduled for late November.

Melbourne, Australia, 19th November: NITRO is an online cryptocurrency project which was created to solve many of the inherent problems of the videogames industry, and is the first cryptocurrency project in the world which is backed by a publicly listed company (independently verified by NITRO was created by the founders and management of iCandy Interactive Limited, southeast Asia’s leading mobile entertainment group listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. NITRO involves the creation of an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency; NITRO Token, or NOX, and an integrated marketplace, the NITRO Marketplace.

A Unique Proposition Backed by Existing Award-Winning Business

NITRO has a compelling and unique proposition compared to many emerging cryptocurrencies which are often just concepts and prototypes with no existing business or track records. In contrast, NITRO is backed by iCandy Interactive, which is an existing award-winning game business with many prominent institutional shareholders. iCandy has been in the business of developing and publishing games for more than 6 years and it has an existing community of more than 348m million smartphone users (bolstered by its recent acquisition of Animoca Brands’ games portfolio). NITRO Token will be introduced into games developed and published by iCandy, potentially setting it up for early adoption within the 348-million strong gamers community on day one. This proposition significantly reduces the risk of business plan execution of NITRO, compared to other cryptocurrency projects.

Holistic Approach to Solving Problems of Ecosystem

The video-game industry is a US$100 billion industry annually and the nature of the industry is prone to disruption by cryptocurrency technology. There are a quite a few video-game related cryptocurrency projects that had garnered THE interest of the cryptocurrency community globally. However, NITRO is among the most credible and most extensive cryptocurrencies for the video-game industry to date.

NITRO seeks a holistic, end-to-end approach to solve the complex challenges of the video-game ecosystem with the blockchain technology. In its current form, NITRO has considered the interests of all stakeholders of the video-game industry, from gamers, game studios, publishers to financiers.

One of the key features of NITRO is that gamers and speculators can easily become holders of NITRO token to participate in the booming video-game economy. This is democratizing the participation of the video games economy as up until now it is almost impossible for an average person to participate and benefit from the video games economy. Gamers will be able to use one cryptocurrency in all games on NITRO Marketplace for in-game purchases, get incentive in engagement, participate in the game development process and ultimately get rewards from the industry economy as token holders. Publishers and game studios will get marketing access to the audience of gamers in an efficient and transparent manner.

Backed by Prominent VCs , Internet Unicorn and Developers Network

NITRO is backed by 3 established venture capital funds from Singapore in the form of shareholders of iCandy Interactive, which includes Fatfish Internet Group, Incubate fund and BB fund (a dedicated blockchain fund by fintech VC Life.Sreda). iCandy’s other shareholders include internet conglomerate Baidu ($60 billion Chinese Internet company) and the Global Mobile Developer Confederation (GMGC), one of the most influential games developer networks in China. The NITRO project is conceived and built by video-games industry veterans with successful business track records in the video-game and venture capital industry. These track records will translate into know-how that will be invaluable in building a sustainable business model that will benefit all NOX token-holders.

Token Designed for Both Utility and to Reward Holders

NITRO funded games and other third-party games can use the Nitro Marketplace and its API to transact with gamers, especially those of the 348-million smartphone gamers base of iCandy Interactive. The efficiency of the blockchain technology will allow micropayment to happen efficiently in almost real-time in games and the marketplace. Gamers will be encouraged to utilise the NOX sub-token, NOD, to purchase virtual items and power-packs of games with added incentives such as lower pricing structure and unique offerings that are differentiated from fiat currency payment. This will drive considerable use of the NITRO token in the existing gamers community of iCandy Interactive.

On the development end of the proposition NITRO will fund the development of game titles from its token sale proceeds and funded games will share revenue up to 20-30% of their revenue with NITRO over a period of 5 years from the date of funding. 60% of the receipts will be used to replenish the funding pool for games, while the remaining 40% will be used for marketing and operating costs. To foster the adoption of NITRO, NITRO will distribute rewards in the form of NOX to holders based on their level of participation on games published on NITRO Marketplace. NITRO will buyback NOX from the market to replenish the Reward Pool from time to time; enhancing the value of NOX

Potential Disruptive ICO-Capital Market Model

With the increasing interest around ICO’s, it is becoming important for an ICO project to be supported by credible companies and individuals. In the rapidly-changing crypto-sphere, there is an emergence of an enhanced ICO model, where credible mainstream companies use ICO’s to launch new funding initiatives in a professionally managed framework. This is the first time a company listed on a major international stock exchange is actively backing a cryptocurrency project. It could pave the way for a new trend of mainstream public companies using ICO’s to launch new funding initiatives in parallel to the capital markets that they are trading in.  The NITRO project could potentially be a test case for ICOs to disrupt the US$100 trillion per year capital markets.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of NITRO Token

NITRO Token, as a cryptocurrency, will be made available to interested contributors via an online sale. A pre-sale will be conducted from 19th November till 23rd November 2017 After the pre-sale the main ICO will begin on 1st December 2017. All sales will conducted online via NITRO’s website at .There will be up to 60 million NOX available for sale, raising up to 75,000 Ethereum (ETH), carrying a value of approximately US$22 million at today’s prevailing Ethereum price.

For more Information visit:
Visit the iCandy Website:
Read the Whitepaper:
Read the Blog:
Connect on Telegram:

Media Contact:
Gerald Tock
COO (Strategy and Partnerships),
iCandy Interactive
+65 96629750

iCandy Interactive LTD and NITRO is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. ROI cannot be guaranteed. Readers are urged to make investment decisions at their own discretion and the company will not be responsible for the outcome of such decisions. This press release may contain certain forward-looking statements that are not purely historical, including any statements regarding beliefs, plans, expectations or intentions regarding the future. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, as there can be no assurance that the plans, intentions or expectations they are based on will occur.

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Viuly’s VIU Token Airdrop to One Million Ethereum Wallets Begins, Trading Starts November 19th

Bitcoin Press Release: Viuly’s mission to disrupt the online video sharing industry is now well underway, with an ongoing massive airdrop campaign distributing some 500 million VIU tokens to an estimated 1 million Ethereum holders. The mass distribution will allow VIU token holders to transfer value within Viuly’s decentralized blockchain-based video platform at

November 17, 2017 Tallin, Estonia – Online video solutions firm Viuly is now in the midst of a large-scale airdrop campaign, distributing its native VIU tokens to all qualifying Ethereum wallets.

From the Ethereum blockchain snapshot taken on November 5, Ethereum addresses holding between 0.1 to 3,000 ETH were identified as eligible for the automated airdrop. Since November 12, the Viuly team has been distributing tokens at a rate of 20 VIU for every 1 ETH held in these wallets (capped at 60,000 VIU).

VIU tokens will also begin trading on popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform Bit-z on the 19th of November.

Once completed on November 21, the campaign expects to have culminated in a complete distribution of 500 million VIU tokens to 1 million unique personal Ethereum wallets. This strategy of widest possible distribution to active users hopes to achieve accelerated adoption of Viuly’s revolutionary video sharing platform.

Try Viuly and see the future of how people will share and watch videos online
The current industry of online video sharing is a highly centralized one, controlled by major centralized platforms that act as middlemen between advertisers, content creators and users. Through decentralization, Viuly’s platform eliminates high commissions from ad revenues and places control of content within the network itself.

As a result, creators earn more from higher ad revenue, advertisers get better value from efficient marketing and users are rewarded with a share of revenues. Without centralized censorship to restrict content and limit viewing, authors gain creative freedom and users have free access.
Through blockchain innovation, the platform is based on the IPFS protocol, featuring a fully-decentralized distributed network of data storage that compensates individuals for storage. There is no more shared control centers, no more single point of failure.

About Viuly
Viuly’s mission is to disrupt the multi-billion dollar industry of online video sharing with its blockchain-based solution. Through decentralization and transparency, it aims to create a fair and open video network operating on an equitable model of revenue sharing.

VIU tokens are the native currency powering the Viuly video platform. They are used to transfer value between advertisers, content creators and users.

Viuly will be a full-fledged platform for users and content creators to share and watch videos, while immediately earning rewards for their interactions. This revolutionary ecosystem will enable a fair, unrestricted environment to share, watch, and upload any content.

Viuly’s revolutionary blockchain solution has already led to a firm backing of EUR 150,000 from Ukraine-based blockchain investor Krypton Capital. Together with Krypton Capital’s “smart money” philosophy, Viuly aims to establish strong ecosystems of related companies to grow values and revenues together.

The Team
Viuly benefits from the vast experience of its founding team, with specialists in corporate management, blockchain business, marketing development, promotional strategy and project development. It also relies on support from an established financial technology advisory.

Some of its key team members include:

Ruslan Popa, Founder and CEO
Ruslan Popa has more than 12 years of experience creating and managing IT start-ups. He has served as CEO of several payment service providers, including the likes of RuPay, Qiwi and Rompay Solutions. Popa has an excellent track record of producing quick results and high financial performance in the companies he managed. LinkedIn:

Silviya Martirosyan, CMO
Silviya Martirosyan built her reputation as a strong and creative leader, launching and promoting some 30 projects in retail, corporate and financial sectors both at federal and regional levels. Martirosyan comes with six years of experience directly managing a team of nine sector experts. With her background in business administration and strategic management, she brings strong communication skills and solid marketing acumen to Viuly. LinkedIn:

Aleksey Vasyanin, CDO
Aleksey Vasyanin spent more than a decade helping companies to create and structure their corporate profiles. As a project management expert, he helped create, structure and develop partner networks in a highly competitive telecom market. Skilled in e-commerce solutions, VAS services, financial planning and content production, Vasyanin also excelled at optimising business processes and personnel management. LinkedIn:

Yuriy Chayka, Advisor
Yury Chayka delves into his rich experience as an entrepreneur and investor to help develop Viuly’s vision. He is President of the Ukrainian E-business Association, ideologist and founder of Fintech Cluster. He is also the founder of Ukraine’s first mobile wallet, MobiPay and co-founder and partner of fintech solutions provider Finovate Studio. He founded a slew of payment systems including RBKMoney, Autopay, Interkassa, MoneXy and mWallet. LinkedIn:

Learn more on Viuly’s website:
Register an account on Bit-z, be ready for when VIU starts trading:
Read the Viuly Whitepaper:
Check out the Viuly Alpha platform:
Chat with Viuly on Telegram:
Follow Viuly on Twitter:
Join Viuly on bitcointalk:
Catch up with Viuly on Medium:

Media Contact
Contact Name: Ruslan Popa
Location: Tallin, Estonia

Viuly is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Blockchain Music Platform VOISE Joins Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

Bitcoin Press Release: Blockchain music startup VOISE is the latest member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA), the largest open source blockchain alliance in the world. With direct access to some of the most talented Ethereum professionals within a network of Fortune 500 alumni, the VOISE mission to decentralize music is set to benefit from expert advice and networking.

November 15, 2017 Barcelona, Spain  – Less than a month after launching its much anticipated platform, decentralized music pioneer Voise has now joined the prestigious Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) as a full member.

The EEA membership now places Voise in the same standing with some of the most reputable global companies in a diverse range of fields such as management consulting, the energy industry, academia and blockchain and financial technology.  This relationship will enable the start up to network and engage directly with the likes of Bancor, Credit Suisse, British Petroleum, Deloitte, Intel, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters and many more.

This latest development will be seen as a crucial step in gaining recognition and wider influence for the Swiss-based start up, with EEA being a valuable partnership opportunity through its endeavour in developing decentralized solutions for enterprises. With the company’s pioneering efforts in eliminating middle parties in the global music streaming industry, EEA and Voise will now be able to synergize expertise towards a common advancement of the Ethereum protocol.

Disrupting the global online music industry

Musicians and labels everywhere are retreating from conventional album sales, looking instead to online avenues where more than 110 million customers are already paying for their music. However, independent artists in particular, continue to struggle with the high costs of distributions, as major centralized platforms charge them between 15% to 40% of revenue generated from paid downloads*. Streaming services take even larger cuts, compounding the problem of an unfair model of revenue distribution that shortchanges artists.

This is where Voise comes in. Building on previous attempts at developing complex blockchain-based and decentralized platforms, the Voise solution focuses on simplicity. It will be easy to use for mainstream users, allowing both crypto and fiat payments to cater to crypto users and average music listeners, with options to deposit and withdraw to their wallets either in Voise tokens or ETH.

From the homepage, users can directly access popular music, top downloads or find new music from a thematic search engine categorized by favorite artists or genres. They can also access Radio DAO to discover the latest top performers and get first-hand updates on Voise developments.

Music artists themselves can easily upload songs and albums at a price of their own choosing, while leveraging a rich profile section to gather new fans. The platform also supports free-of-cost models that allow artists to earn from donations instead.

Rapid developments on the Voise platform

From conceptual idea to a working alpha product, Voise has made solid progress on development and delivery, with an eye firmly trained on its founding objective to deliver an artist-focused, truly decentralized platform by replacing commission-heavy business models. It believes that all revenue from music content should remain with its creators – the music artists who prop up the entire industry.

Its development roadmap has also been updated to reflect new partnerships and soon-to-be available platform features including an artist verification system and search engine. Prepared to keep up with  industry relevance, Voise also intends to create a South Korean music community to attract investment from an emerging market with global aspirations.

With endorsements from Grammy-nominated Carolyn Malachi and DJ sensation Jinco, Voise has also firmed up its business viability with partnerships with prestigious companies including MicroMoney and Coinomi.

These developments have resulted in bullish sentiment for its institutionalized VOISE tokens, as evidenced by its growing market capitalization on CoinMarketCap. Already recognized for their intrinsic value, VOISE tokens are recording steady trading volumes thanks to successful listings on many leading cryptocurrency exchanges including Bit-z, CoinExchange and LiveCoin.

About Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is the world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative and offers the most industry-focused, member-driven Working Groups. It is an industry-supported, not-for-profit established to build, promote, and broadly support Ethereum-based technology best practices, open standards, and open-source reference architectures. EEA is helping to evolve Ethereum into an enterprise-grade technology, providing research and development in a range of areas, including privacy, confidentiality, scalability, and security. EEA’s membership represents a wide variety of business sectors from every region of the world, including technology, banking, government, healthcare, energy, pharmaceuticals, marketing, and insurance, as well as a number of fast-growing Ethereum startups.

 Learn more about the EEA at:

VOISE is a blockchain-based content distribution and monetization platform for the music industry. It introduces the multibillion-dollar global music industry to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Trade VOISE with BTC at:
Learn more about VOISE at:
VOISE on Telegram:
Join VOISE Slack channel:
VOISE on BitcoinTalk:
VOISE Twitter channel –

Media Contact

Contact Name: Isaac Rodriguez
Contact Email:

Location: Barcelona, Spain

VOISE is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Dutch Political Impasse Helps Blockchain Ticketing Venture GUTS Raise $2.5 Million in Hours

Bitcoin Press Release: Amsterdam-based GUTS look set to strike back at ticket gougers with their revolutionary Blockchain-based ecosystem, which has seen immediate support with over $2.5 Million raised within the first few hours of their ongoing ICO.

15th November 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands A staggering display of political inability to solve the problems with secondary ticketing is helping Amsterdam-based blockchain ticketing company GUTS in their mission to create a worldwide honest ticketing market. At the moment a law 6 years in the making was diluted by lobbyists ensuring the protection of reseller profits, GUTS launched their ICO, raising over $2.5m in the first few hours. GUTS plan to raise almost 17.5 million dollars with their ICO which will commence on 15th of November.

Award winning
GUTS have been selling tickets via the blockchain since 2016, and have an impressive track record. They struck a deal with theatre powerhouse Hekwerk in Holland and they enlisted the manager of the no. 1 DJ in the world Martin Garrix and Chris Payne from the world-renowned Adèle and Maroon 5 booking agency ITB in London to assist them in getting their product adapted internationally. With the current deals in place GUTS are projected to sell over a million tickets in 2019.

It was only after GUTS launched its’ application that they considered doing an Initial Coin Offering:

We were looking for ways to extend the impact of the product and came to the conclusion that building a protocol that is fuelled by our very own token and opening it up for all ticketing companies to use, was the way to go” states the CEO of GUTS, Maarten Bloemers.

Another big advantage is the capital that is being raised within the project:

There are a lot of forces that are trying to keep the status quo on secondary ticketing. There is a lot of money being made by people who will go to great lengths to protect their interests. The raised capital of the ICO ensures our independence while accomplishing our mission for a worldwide honest ticketing market.”

The GET-protocol, upon which the GUTS ecosystem is built on, is fueled by the GET-token. The protocol uses the token to process event ticketing. Every time an event is created, the protocol buys GET from token holders to process the event through a stability fund. As long as events are being created within the protocol, token holders can sell their tokens to the protocol at a guaranteed exchange rate of 0.58 dollars.

We think the guaranteed exchange rate of the tokens mitigates risks for early contributors. As long as they are confident GUTS or other ticketing companies are creating events within the GET-protocol, there is very little risk of losing their money.”

GUTS ICO & Token Sale

GUTS has already completed the initial round of fundraising for their ecosystem, having raised $2.5m. In total, GUTS seek to raise roughly $17.5m from their ICO, which is now approaching tier 1 of the main ICO, which will open on the 15th November, at 13:00 CET. Early backers will be able to pick up GET at a discounted rate, depending on how early backers contribute. There are a total of 28,348,649 GET remaining from a total pool of 36,900,000 GET. To find out more, visit

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Contact Name: Maarten Bloemers
Contact Telephone: +31645400510
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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Massively Distributed Blockchain XenonNetwork Most Widely Held Ethereum Token – Over 757,000 Addresses

Bitcoin Press Release: After completing the first stage of distributing its XNN tokens, becoming the most widely-held token on the Ethereum network — XenonNetwork is preparing for further progress.

November 15, 2017, San Francisco, California — XenonNetwork, an enterprise-scale blockchain launching in July 2018, completed the first stage of its massive distribution of XNN tokens over a 12-day period from late October through to the 6th of November. Xenon’s XNN is now the most widely held token on the Ethereum network, with over 757,000 individual addresses possessing a share of the 300,000,000 XNN distributed.  

Early trading of the token on international exchanges has valued the total market capitalization of the 1 billion tokens associated with the project at around $15 million USD.

The XenonNetwork blockchain initial token distribution will be derived from XNN ERC-20 token holdings on the Ethereum network, and will result in a massively-distributed network based on the EOS open-source software.

We believe that distribution and adoption are the most important factors determining the success of a blockchain project. We are determined to have this token in the hands of as many people as possible at the launch of the blockchain in 2018.  Already, our token is seven times more widely held than the EOS ERC-20 token, and we are excited by the potential of our future plans to continue this massive dissemination. said Andrew Kong, Cofounder of XenonNetwork.

The organization proposes to further distribute the Xenon tokens as follows:

— Up to 20 percent of Xenon tokens will be distributed to bitcoin holders based on proof-of-holdings in the next few months.
— A further 20 percent of Xenon tokens will be distributed using proof-of-individuality mechanisms to encourage widespread circulation of the tokens.
— Further distribution to more recent Ethereum users will occur in 2018.
— A portion of the remaining tokens will be distributed to incentivize development, project promotion and block-producers.

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Media Contact
Contact Name: Andrew Kong, Co-Founder

Disclaimer: This press release contains forward looking statements, strategies and plans which are speculative and may not eventuate. XenonNetwork has no relationship to,, or the founders of the EOS project, other than our stated intention of adopting the EOS MIT licensed open source software.

XenonNetwork is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Latium Launches LATX Cryptocurrency Token Sale for Participation in AI-Based Tasking Platform

Bitcoin Press Release: Latium has announced a token sale to raise funds for its AI-based tasking platform, backed by advisor John McAfee.

Madison, Mississippi, November 15th, 2017 – Latium (, the world’s only tasking platform that blends an AI-based user reputation score with a “one-to-many” task relationship structure, will launch a token sale of its Latium LATX cryptocurrency on November 15, 2017, beginning with a limited “white list” sale.

The LATX cryptocurrency will allow users to participate in Latium’s tasking platform, which matches task-makers with task-doers anywhere in the world. With a goal to raise $20 million, the LATX token sale will open to the general public on November 28, 2017. 180 million tokens will be available for purchase. Latium will use proceeds of the token sale to develop and maintain its tasking platform, which Latium plans to launch in Q2 2018.

Latium is backed by advisor to the company, John McAfee, founder of the first commercial anti-virus security software.

I’ve been in tech my entire career and I believe the Latium platform and LATX token are among the most innovative crypto products I’ve seen so far, said McAfee.Latium joins the gig economy with the crypto economy, providing income seekers easy access to the world of cryptocurrencies and new income streams.

The Latium tasking platform provides the opportunity for income seekers to earn income by completing tasks, while employers may hire one person or thousands of people to complete tasks for them. Latium LATX will be the exclusive form of payment for workers and employers on the platform.

Latium is the only tasking platform that uses a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm to assign reputation scores to both task-makers and task-doers, providing a quantitative, unbiased quality assurance system for all users. In addition, Latium maximizes earning potential for task-doers, by gamifying and localizing task opportunities for users.

The Latium platform revolutionizes how people earn money and opens up access to the cryptocurrency market to anyone seeking income, but who doesn’t know where to start in crypto,” said Latium Co-Founder and CEO, David Johnson. “Token sale participants can unlock immediate value in LATX by utilizing the Latium platform to hire workers for their tasks.

Johnson has 25 years’ experience in financial technology and internet commerce, and is founder of, the world’s largest forex rebate provider, with $10 billion in monthly trading volume.

More information about how to participate in the LATX token sale is available at

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Media Contact
Contact Name: Ben Myers

Disclaimer: MyTrackNet is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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