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Afterwords to the Conference.NFT: A Real Phenomenon in Today’s Digital World

On November 27, 2021, together with The Conference.NFT, we deep-dived into the world of NFT or “non-fungible token”, which captured the cryptocurrency and art market in 2020. Following the success of The Conference.NFT (online edition) from the AroundB organizers, which took place in June 2021 and gathered more than 1,500 participants from around the world, The Conference.NFT Kyiv was the first Ukrainian conference fully dedicated to NFT.

During the event, everyone had the opportunity to listen to dozens of unique speeches and hot panel discussions, they could see the live launch of the NFT game from the world-famous pop star DOROFEEVA, visit a unique workshop from SpaceSeven (NFT-marketplace partner of The Conference.NFT), take part in a real NFT auction of a painting, created by a Ukrainian artist and much more!

Millions of questions from the audience (at the same time more than 500 people attended the conference offline and almost 2,000 online), interesting and meaningful presentations of speakers, discussion of the most relevant topics and cool networking – these are the things that will make guests remember The Conference.NFT for a long time ahead. There were not only representatives of Ukrainian industry, but also Polish, Swiss, German and others, which led to a better understanding of different views on the NFT market, its future and current state in different parts of the world. Among the speakers were the leaders of modern digital and NFT world – Lars Seier Christensen (Chairman of the Board, Concordium Foundation), Andrew Sarnavsky (Tacans Group COO), Dmitry Kornilov (CEO, co-founder of FFFACE.ME), Anna Avetova (curator and founder of the art agency Tuasho ), Tais Poda (creative producer and art director), Nikita FREEBOID Khudyakov (NFT artist, initiator of CryptoArt Ukraine) and many others.

More than seven hours of unique performances, presentations and interesting discussions ended with a fantastic after-party, which took place in the Avangarden Art Gallery and Wine Bar.

AroundB, as the organizers of The Conference.NFT, are grateful to every guest, all the incredible speakers, media partners and sponsors: SpaceSeven, Concordium, Metis, Harmony, Bancambios, Tacans, without whose support this conference would have been impossible. AroundB is grateful to all the creators and artists who visited The Conference.NFT from all over the country to present their NFTs and talk about their personal experience.

Video and all photos will be available during this week. Every participant will receive a link to the video and photo materials to remember once again and immerse themselves in the incredible atmosphere we had created together.

Subscribe to the social networks of AroundB: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

Thanks to everyone who was with us, stay tuned!

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European Blockchain Convention: Over 2.500  People Are Set to Attend Europe’s Most Influential Blockchain & Crypto Event in 2021

The congress, which will be held online on 13-16 December, will provide access to an AI powered networking platform to facilitate virtual 1:1 meetings between the 2.500 attendees. 

An exceptional line-up of over 120 speakers will join this year’s event, including Algorand  Foundation CEO Sean Lee; ‘The Bitcoin Standard’ author Dr. Saifedean Ammous; Bitstamp  managing director Jean-Baptiste Graftieaux; Bank of Israel deputy governor Mr. Andrew Abir; Bank Santander head of blockchain Coty de Monteverde; Circle chief strategy officer Dante  Disparte; Distrikt co-founder Andra Georgescu; ConsenSys Health founder Heather Flannery;  Hyperledger executive director Daniela Barbosa and European Parliament member Eva Kaili. 

The talks will cover topics including the institutional adoption of DeFi, the tokenization of  securities, stablecoins, the rise of NFTs, decentralized social media, CBDCs, the new era for  financial services, self-sovereign identity, sustainability, social innovation, gaming in the  metaverse, why DAOs matter, blockchain scaling solutions, green bonds…  

The industry is extremely hot. Global venture capital funding into blockchain startups reached  an all-time high of $6.5 billion in the third quarter of 2021, surpassing the second-quarter  total of $5.2 billion, according to CB Insights. For the first nine months of 2021, global VC  funding into blockchain hit $15 billion, up 384% from 2020′s full-year total of $3.1 billion.

European Blockchain Convention co-CEO Victoria Gago said: “Barcelona is still EBC’s home,  but with the Covid-19 outbreak being still a health emergency in Barcelona and Europe, we  have to think of what’s best for our attendees. The safest answer is to host EBC fully online in  2021. We look forward to welcoming attendees back to Barcelona in 2022.” 

“This edition is an opportunity to increase exponentially our impact in the space. Never before  in history has there been such an event with so much quality content about blockchain”, says  Daniel Salmerón, co-CEO of the EBC.

european blockchain conference

“We expect to shatter our past attendance record and  this translates into multiplying the networking opportunities for our attendees.” 

In the last EBC, female attendance was at 38%. As part of the 50/50 Initiative, the organization  aims to reach 50% this year as diverse teams cover more ground, ask more questions, exhibit  more innovative thinking, and create better working environments. 

About European Blockchain Convention 

European Blockchain Convention was born in 2018 in Barcelona with the mission to inform,  educate and connect the global blockchain community.  

4 years later and after 5 large events, European Blockchain Convention has become the place  where thousands of the world’s brightest minds meet every year to discuss the role  Blockchain technology will play in the future. 

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The Conference.NFT Will Be Held in Kyiv for the First Time

NFTs or “non-fungible tokens” took the crypto & art market by storm in 2020, raising eyebrows and leaving collectors and investors open-mouthed. NFTs are digital assets built on blockchain that give buyers and sellers proof of ownership for unique properties which can’t be replaced with anything else. It could be a painting such as the Mona Lisa or an exclusive photo of someone, a building or even a car. Anyone can take a photo of them – but the original will always be one of a kind. The ownership of the original item, not a copy nor a screenshot is what makes it really valuable.

Chris Torres, who created Nyan Cat, sold a new GIF of the famous Internet meme for $590,000. Pop star Grimes (Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend) earned $5.8 million in under 20 minutes selling her NFTs on a popular marketplace. Just imagine, Britney Spears and Madonna’s VMAs onstage kiss in also an NFT now! Legendary sports stars, influencers, even luxury fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and others are striving to leave their footprint on a bright and shiny NFT scene.

How do these NFTs work and what are they? Who needs them? Are they a bubble or are they here to stay? After the tremendous success of The Conference.NFT (online edition), which took place in June 2021 and gathered over 1500 participants from all around the world, The Conference.NFT Kyiv – the first Ukrainian conference dedicated to NFTs, is ready to heat things up! The organizers won a grant to hold this unique event in PMHub which is located in the heart of Kyiv.

On November 27, 2021 PMHub will unite all artists, investors, marketplaces, developers and celebrities to feel the NFT vibe together! Just a year ago, the concept of buying and selling crypto art via non-fungible tokens would seem ridiculous! But what trend is moving faster than the speed of light NFTs? Most definitely.

The event’s program features exclusive reports from industry leaders, heated panel discussions, workshops and much more. Everyone will be surprised by the virtual gallery, outstanding NFT performances and a great number of exclusive things such as a presentation of NFTs by world-class stars. Do not worry, you won’t go home without a pre-sale auction! The event will be organized with the support of a marketplace. No prior knowledge is needed, just bring your enthusiasm and curiosity with you.

Because of the partnership opportunity given by Pari Match, AroundB makes prices incredibly low. The main goal is – everyone has a chance to join the world of NFTs and become a proactive participant. Special prices are offered to students of art universities – every student will get a -50% discount to attend the event.

For sure, it’s a perfect opportunity to listen and understand what those NFTs are about, to broaden your network, and to spend an amazing time with a top-notch community. You will definitely tell your grandchildren about it 🙂 Let’s meet!

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Sneak peek: The mother of all conferences awaits – SiGMA Europe ‘21

Traditionally a cold shoulder month, Malta is getting ready to welcome thousands of delegates to SiGMA Europe in November

Those of you who have visited SiGMA Europe know that November is dedicated to the island of Malta and SiGMA. The SiGMA Europe expo has been held in Malta successfully since 2014, and after a year of social isolation and lockdowns, there’s no better way to kick off the month of November with not one, but four major shows for what promises to be the mother of all conferences.

An English-speaking country, with a rich cultural past and plenty of leisure and entertainment options, SiGMA Malta will deliver the finest in the industry with three verticals taking place at the MFCC’s first-class conference space and our newest addition. This is your chance to profit from the convergence of new technology, digital marketing, digital health, and gaming. Although SiGMA has pioneered the virtual events space, nothing compares to the excitement of a real-life event! In this article, SiGMA’s Content Team walks us through what to expect in SiGMA Malta. November, we have been eagerly waiting for you!


SiGMA has witnessed continuous growth since opening its doors to the gaming community seven years ago, with interest in the gaming scene presently at an all-time high. SiGMA has established its imprint on the global gaming map, bolstered by a unique mid-Med position, and continues to grow on its mission to act as a connection for businesses wanting to connect interests across continents.

The event has developed into the ultimate gaming showcase, operating on both a European and global scale, and is positioned at the leading edge of a very competitive sector. Previous events attracted over an estimated 400 sponsors and exhibitors, 200 industry-leading speakers, and a record-breaking 15,000 guests from over 80 countries; this cornerstone in the global gaming calendar is expected to become even greater this November. Expect bigger, expect better!



AIBC is a favorite in the global emerging technology event calendar is only poised to expand as Malta’s dedication to a new digital era becomes clear. Positioned at the forefront of a highly competitive sector, the event has grown into one of the world’s top blockchain and emerging tech events, operating on both a European and global scale, since 2018.

It is one of the world’s premier gatherings for blockchain, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and other new technologies, bringing together an elite group of delegates, policymakers, and thought leaders from across the world.


Affiliate Grand Slam brings together all of the industry’s newly emerging, and affiliate companies. This Affiliate community enables sector-specific information sharing, as well as networking and the development of commercial partnerships.

This branch aims to bring together thousands of like-minded delegates: including content marketers, conversion optimisation and lead generation specialists, media buyers, affiliates, SEO Gurus and influencers, SiGMA Group is committed to ensuring that you, as an affiliate, have the entire experience of meeting new prospects, catching up with clients, and being inspired and encouraged by your fellow industry leaders!


Med-Tech World

The second edition of the digital health conference Med-Tech World will take place at the Hilton Malta during Malta Week. Med-Tech World focuses on new technology breakthroughs for the global medical environment.

The event will address the possibilities and challenges driving this multimillion-dollar conference, embracing the potential for technology innovation to transform the face of medicine in this global industry, with so many nations recognizing the potential for exponential development.


Magazine – Win a trip to SiGMA Malta ‘21

To celebrate the launch of our first interactive digital magazine, SiGMA Group will be giving a VIP invitation to the SiGMA Europe Expo as a run-up to the event. The price ticket includes a welcome reception, full access to the expo, all conferences, access to the SiGMA Startup Pitch, one iGathering networking dinner, and hotel accommodation for one at a hotel of SiGMA’s choice for the period of 15 to 19 November.

This year marks the inauguration of six Magazine issues. For those who follow the world of gaming closely, this magazine is sure to provide a spotlight on the online gaming industry as it touches base on topics related to regulatory issues, operators, affiliates, and SEO trends. Both SiGMA Magazine and BLOCK which is a magazine focused on the AIBC summit will be distributed at the SiGMA Event in Malta.




Nothing beats SiGMA’s networking. SiGMA Europe presents the ideal opportunity to network and strike connections. A strong network translates to powerful business prospects. Networking provides the benefit of being seen and getting noticed, which is critical in recruitment, developing and growing your profession and business.

More than that, being visible and getting noticed in conjunction with the appropriate individuals may help you raise your own profile among colleagues and others in your field maximising sales opportunities.


VIP Speakers and guests

Expect various VIP speakers and guests to be roaming around the expo floor this November. Some of the big names this year will be singer, songwriter, and record producer Akon; football star turned rising DJ Dijibril Cisse. The high-profile list of attendees that will be attending the event is nothing short of noticeable. 

Member of Parliament, Honourable Minister Silvio Schembri, and Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Christopher Fearne will also be present for the enticing conferences and high-quality workshops.


In-person learning: Conferences and Workshops

At our live events, SiGMA Group focuses on in-person learning through engaging workshops that invite industry leaders from all over the world to share their expertise with hundreds of people. Because we want to provide you a complete in-person learning experience, our conference topics are carefully curated to provide in-house learning.

Workshop and conference participation blurs the lines between formal and informal learning since it combines professional lectures with substantial networking with peers attending the same space.

Childcare plan for summit delegates:

During Malta Week, SiGMA, in partnership with partner hotel The Westin Dragonara Resort, Malta, will cater for professional child care to guests of any of its four summits. We will provide a number of nursery rooms at the Westin to accommodate visiting speakers, exhibitors, suppliers, and delegates attending Malta Week expos, with family-friendly company practices at the core of its aim to empower working parents.

SiGMA Group recognises the growing demand for businesses to provide childcare to their employees in order to meet the demands of a growing and varied workforce.

Spoilt for choice: food court

Our food court guarantees to take our delegates through a journey of flavors in one dedicated space. You can choose from a variety of Asian dishes such as sushi or Indian, Armenian dishes, burgers, and sweet delicacies, where everything is freshly prepared on a daily basis.

SiGMA’s food court offers a perplexing variety of delicious food choices from local and national food merchants where guests have ascertained a world of flavours all under one roof. Some acclaimed restaurants we’ll have this year are Zen Sushi, The Tiffin Box, Arms grill, and Busy Bee. We’ll be sure to satisfy your craving taste buds during the busy time of the day

Luxury zest:

Moving from one venue to another in a helicopter or hummer? SiGMA Europe is the symbol of ultimate luxury zest. With these interesting add-ons, you may expect the unexpected and get more out of your vacation this year. Book a luxury hummer with us and make your commute a bit more glamorous.

During Malta Week, travel in style to ensure you arrive fresh and relaxed, ready to make top deals, and attend premium networking events. Take the SiGMA Helicopter to enhance your trip experience. Avoid the morning rush and enjoy unrivaled views of Malta’s beautiful buildings.

eSports Tournament:

SiGMA Group is bringing the competitive world of Esports to Malta’s November expo. SiGMA Europe will offer three days of exhilarating back-to-back events in collaboration with GMR Entertainment, a Maltese esports organization, and Esports Technologies, a platform and software supplier. Esports Technology will serve as a showcase for the company’s cutting-edge proprietary technologies, branding, and product development. GMR Entertainment will supply the necessary equipment to create a spectacular event setting.

The Esports Village is a large arena dedicated to a series of live and virtual tournaments, located in the heart of the expo, with two dedicated sections – the Elite Esports Arena, where a number of high-profile guest players are scheduled to appear, and the Esports Arena, a competition zone for gaming companies to bell the cat.

VIP dinners:

Are you tired of wasting your time at regular networking events? Over the summit’s four days, guests will be able to attend a variety of VIP networking dinners. These meals will give clients plenty of opportunities to meet with fellow industry dignitaries while taking in some of Malta’s greatest views. Meals will all be prepared by some of the top chefs in the business and hosted at some of the island’s most exclusive restaurants. The guest list is tightly limited to renowned c-level executives, guaranteeing intimacy and exclusivity. Attendance is exclusively by invitation.

The VIP dinners provide the ideal opportunity to network and make connections in a friendly environment where attendees can relax and forge synergies, and because our dinners are fully sponsored and completely free of charge for dinner delegates, all invitees need to do is show up and leave the rest to us!

Investment fund:

In a first for SiGMA Group, the company will offer a reward worth up to €500,000, with the goal of boosting startups across its four vertical brands. The award is open to all startups during Malta Week. One star startup applicant will be picked from across all verticals, including SiGMA, AIBC, Med-Tech World, and AGS, and will receive a €25,000 to €500,000 investment.

Start-up Village:

As part of the SiGMA startup village program, 100 companies will be hand-selected and given a free booth to display their products throughout the event, with the only distinction being whether they fall into one of two categories. This program is intended to help new businesses and entrepreneurs obtain attention and investment; it is not intended to help existing businesses launch new products or divisions.

Startups that are in the prototype stage or have launched within the previous few months are more likely to be chosen than those who have received substantial media/investment attention but are still in the idea stage.

Awards night:

On November 15, 2021, the Europe Gaming Awards will be hosted at The Hilton Malta Conference Centre’s Grandmaster’s Suite in St. Julian’s, Malta. This lavish awards event will recognise top leaders in the gaming industry in a celebration of success, in addition to providing outstanding networking opportunities.

The glamorous event will feature an art auction, with all profits going to the SiGMA Foundation for a range of charity causes, in addition to throwing a spotlight on some of the most fascinating and innovative ideas to transform the face of the Gaming sector. SiGMA Group has made the admirable choice to go green and offer vegetarian food during the prestigious awards evening as part of a conscientious effort to adhere to a sustainable way of living and working. The menu will be designed by some of the best chefs in the industry, without sacrificing style or flavor, adding a unique twist to the natural pleasure of fine cuisine.

Whova app:

During the event, delegates can maximise their time with a revolutionised event engagement and networking app Whoova. Whova is a virtual event management platform that professes to improve attendee engagement and expand networking opportunities. This platform will be available to all the guests attending Malta Week.

The platform is easy, fast, and effective and aims to increase ROI by helping attendees get the most out of the event.

Leisure activities:

We’re getting ready for a frantic three days of exhibition and conferences by organising a full day of exciting networking events for attendees prior to the show’s opening.

The SiGMA Football Cup competitions get things started, including a Women’s tournament for the first time this year. In the evening, delegates may break the ice with a friendly-competitive padel competition, a golfing event, and a Networking Poker Tournament before getting down to business on the 16th.

Lead by example:​

Our objective is to provide participants with a one-of-a-kind experience. Going green and considering the environment while creating ecologically friendly events have never had so many advantages. Being environmentally conscious begins with us, the organisers and at the Malta Week exhibition, we have taken several comparable environmental considerations.

In addition to holding our Awards evening at the Hilton – a hotel that has been environmentally certified by the MTA, all of the carpets at the MFCC are 100% recyclable, as they will all be recycled after the event, and given the size of the floor, this is no minor achievement.

Closing Night

Last but not least Akon, the hip-hop sensation and one of Africa’s most well-known philanthropists, will perform on the Summit’s closing night. Alongside an A-list crowd, Djibril Cissé, the French professional football sensation will DJ at the same event ending the summit with a bang in true SiGMA style.

Preparations are already on for the island’s greatest closing night, which will be attended by nearly all of Malta’s gaming firms, as well as a huge number of visitors from overseas. The night marks the culmination of three days of networking at Malta Week.

Look out for more extensive coverage of SiGMA Malta on our Latest News page as the week draws closer.

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Bitcoin Events Confirms Crypto Whiz Kid Justin Sun as Keynote Speaker at Crypto Fest 2021

Bitcoin Events is delighted to confirm well-known serial entrepreneur and early blockchain crusader Justin Sun as a keynote speaker at Bitcoin Events’ 3rd annual crypto fest: Crypto Fest 2021: Rumble in the Crypto Jungle

Mr Sun introduced blockchain as a value network to China in 2012, and was on the Forbes 30 under 30 China and Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list in 2017. He founded the TRON Foundation, one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, which has its own cryptocurrency dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralised internet. 

Web 3.0, which aims to achieve more intelligent, connected and decentralised websites, will use technologies such as TRONS’s smart contract platform to address current issues of scalability, and speed and cost of transactions without compromising decentralisation and security. 

Smart contract platforms, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) are the three trendiest topics in the blockchain industry right now. Crypto Fest 2021 will be focusing on these three hot topics, as will Mr Sun’s keynote address DeFi’s Effect on NFTs, Blockchain and Web 3.0. 

“With the introduction of NFT’s we have seen adoption of DeFi and blockchain technology explode, this is an exciting time in the history of our digital existence,” said Justin Sun, Founder of TRON, Web 3.0 is the real revolution of blockchain technology, this integration has had remarkable effects on the evolution of the web. I am looking forward to addressing these changing tides at Crypto Fest 2021.” 

Entrepreneurs, innovators and investors attending Crypto Fest 2021 will enjoy talks that examine the future of the crypto industry, as well as discussions reflecting on the crypto industry’s exciting and eventful journey thus far as it overcame major challenges, from scalability and regulation to mainstream adoption by individuals and institutions.

A must-attend for those who appreciate a good debate is the Crypto Battle, which will no doubt prove to be a contentious panel discussion once again. This year’s Crypto Battle is entitled, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Fairest of Them All? Battle of the Blockchains and will explore the new smart contract platforms and how they stack up against the oldest one of all: Ethereum.

Bitcoin enthusiasts can look forward to Raoul Pal, CEO and Co-founder of Real Vision, who will join Layah Heilpern, author of Undressing Bitcoin and host of The Layah Heilpern Show, in a fireside chat about the future of NFTs and bitcoin’s recent all-time high – and where he thinks the popular cryptocurrency’s price will go next.

Other Crypto Fest 2021 topics include: 

  • Institutional investment and venture capital in DeFi, NFTs and crypto 
  • The NFT hype and what is driving it 
  • How cryptocurrencies are being used to cope with the effects of hyperinflation and as a tool for financial inclusion 
  • Why prediction markets are key to crypto’s future
  • The huge boom in crypto peer-to-peer trading in Africa
  • How Polygon is redefining the blockchain landscape 

Crypto Fest 2021 Premier Sponsors are Amber Group, Vertex Technologies and Yolo Group. The Diamond Sponsor is AmaZix and Gold Sponsors are AltcoinTrader, CryptoCurrencyWire, Luno and TRON

This year’s event will take place online and host 40+ speakers, 25+ free sessions with presentations, panel discussions, a crypto battle, workshops, Q&A sessions and exhibitions. Attendees will also get the opportunity to join dedicated workshops in the breakout sessions, sponsored by FTX and Svalbard money

To top it all off, attendees will be treated to an after-party with live entertainment by South Africa’s popular deep house band, The Godfathers.

​Don’t miss all the fun. A limited number of tickets are still available. Register here to get your free ticket.

Visit the website for more information about Crypto Fest 2021.

About Bitcoin Events

Bitcoin Events is Africa’s leading and largest blockchain and cryptocurrency event coordinator. 

Since 2015, Bitcoin Events has hosted 11 events which have attracted more than 350 global speakers and 12 000 delegates from over 165 countries.

Bitcoin Events is the organiser of the annual Blockchain Africa Conference, the Crypto Fest and the DeFi Conference

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AAVE, Sandbox, Niftygateway, Netflix and many others will join The Conference.NFT

On June 17, 2021, deep-dive into NFT (also known as a non-fungible token) with The Conference.NFT (online edition) to discover what’s going on in the digital world. Founders of industry-leading blockchain and NFT companies, famous NFT artists and collectors, developers of NFT marketplaces are willing to guide you through the current state of NFTs and their future possibilities. Moreover, our speakers will share insights and answer all your questions in a neat atmosphere of online networking. 

Date: June 17, 2021

Place: Online

Time: 12 pm – 6 pm CET

So, you might be wondering: what is an NFT?

Isn’t it crazy that we’re already in a digital world? Innovative technologies make the planet we inhabit unrecognizable from even ten years ago. If you’re feeling queasy at high speed of change, hold tight, we are going on. Everything is only going to get faster. NFT (also known as a non-fungible token) is a unique digital item that can’t be replaced with something else. The combined market cap of major NFT projects has increased by 1,785% for the year to date. You may call NFTs an over-promoted phenomenon, but the facts say the opposite.

While Reebok launches its first NFT collection, Gucci begins to work on its own NFTs. Anyway, thousands of digital arts are sold every day at tremendous prices. Along with the crypto industry, NFTs are slowly but confidently conquering the world. Who would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for what basically amounts to an ordinary trading card? Who develops an NFT marketplace? Who pays and who is being paid? Our speakers are willing to answer all of your questions.

What, are you already crazy about NFTs?

Don’t miss your chance to:

✔ Lay the first stone with NFTs and learn what they are and what you can do with them;

✔ Learn how to become an NFT buyer or seller;

✔ Get insights and tips from the industry’s top professionals;

✔ Enjoy informal networking.

Do you want to join? Register here on their website >>>

Current Speakers Include:

Stani Kulechov

Founder and CEO, AAVE

Sébastien Borget

Co-Founder & COO, SANDBOX

Pranav Maheshwari

Solutions Lead, POLYGON

Erick Snowfro


Steve McGarry


Tejas Chopra

Senior Software Engineer, NETFLIX

Michael Sofaer


Yan Ketelers

Chief Marketing Officer, ARKANE NETWORK

Maria Paula Fernández

Founder and Managing Director, ETHBerlin

Peg Samuel

Head of Entertainment Partnerships, ANRKEYX

Find us and subscribe to our Twitter and Telegram group.

See you there!

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