Let’s talk about lightweight contract


I have a question about ARDOR's lightweight contract. It seems beatiful. No doubt.

But what I want to know is reward and economical incentive to execute contract.

As I know, if lightweight contract implemented, it can be executed by node who want execute contract.

Let's think about only a few node allow execution. Since it(the contract) works as like public good, always needs of contract is greater than supply of execution.

So it concerns me that there can be cotract bottleneck as we already watched in cryptokitti case.

I know that ARDOR has more TPS than ETH already and it imposed PoS already.

But is it enoght?

Please someone who know about which I concerned or there is anything what I've misunderstood help me.

I'm sorry about my bad English, I'm not a native.

Thank you.

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Let’s talk about lightweight contract


UPDATED: Ardor Development Roadmap

Ardor Development Roadmap

Q1 2017 (done)

  • Testnet launch, parent chain with multiple child chains architecture fully implemented, including UI support
  • Cross-chain Coin Exchange
  • Child chain block creation ("bundling"), fees in native child chain coins"By Holding" dividend payment transaction type
  • Major rewrite and optimization of the peer networking layer

Q2 2017 (done on development testnet)

  • Implement Smart Phasing, By-Property Phasing, Asset Increase transaction
    • Prepare for exporting of aliases, holdings, and account control settings from the Nxt blockchain to the IGNIS child chain

Q3 2017 (done)

  • Perform Ignis ICO
  • Launch Smart Phasing, By-Property Phasing, Asset Increase transaction on public Ardor testnet
  • Implement Asset Control

    Q4 2017 (done)

  • Ardor mainnet launch

  • Migration of ARDR balances from the Nxt blockchain asset to the Ardor Genesis block

  • Spawn of the IGNIS child chain based on NXT and JLRDA balances

  • Spawn of Bitswift child chain with 10% airdrop to IGNIS holders

  • Spawn of BTC, EUR, and USD pegged child chains backed by 3rd party business entities

Q1 2018

  • Ensuring Ardor is running stable in production, resolving any issues discovered post-launch
  • Interviewing, hiring, and training new developers, quality assurance, and support team

Q2 2018

  • Asset, Currency, Goods specific bundlers
  • Translation of wallet to 14 languages
  • Lightweight Contracts Add-on – testnet
  • Transaction Vouchers – testnet
  • Java 9 support

Q3 2018

  • Pruning of child chain transactions and sharing of snapshot data between nodes on testnet
  • Support for child chain specific transaction types
  • Research projects
  • Child chain specific subnets to improve scalability
  • Blockchain pruning of the Ardor parent chain
  • Child chain specific parameters such as block times and message size
  • Allow user issued child chains

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UPDATED: Ardor Development Roadmap


Cannot complete offline transaction [LINUX]

I made a transaction online without signing it and saved the json to a text file.
So I spent a few rough hours trying to figure out how to get java on my vm (realized my noob ass didnt create a big enough drive)
  Then spent a few hrs figuring out how to use synaptic to install java offline so i can run ardor offline.
The "Complete Guide to Forging" by ardorer says to install oracle-java8-jdk but I only knew how to install that by connecting to the internet whereas synaptic helped me install offline openjdk-8-jdk and openjdk-8-jre and ca-certificates-java_20160321_all.deb
I felt like I was close, open up ardor (it opened thru firefox localhost:27876).
I input my public address and I can't progress. says error "connecting to the network". Same thing happens after i try making a new address and copy and paste the seed. When I right click on the system tray icon and go to status, I also see "Working offline: false" and I also don't see the [Show Desktop Application] button available.
What's the right way of signing my transaction offline?

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Cannot complete offline transaction [LINUX]