Ardor Development Roadmap

Q1 2017 (done)

  • Testnet launch, parent chain with multiple child chains architecture fully implemented, including UI support
  • Cross-chain Coin Exchange
  • Child chain block creation ("bundling"), fees in native child chain coins"By Holding" dividend payment transaction type
  • Major rewrite and optimization of the peer networking layer

Q2 2017 (done on development testnet)

  • Implement Smart Phasing, By-Property Phasing, Asset Increase transaction
    • Prepare for exporting of aliases, holdings, and account control settings from the Nxt blockchain to the IGNIS child chain

Q3 2017 (done)

  • Perform Ignis ICO
  • Launch Smart Phasing, By-Property Phasing, Asset Increase transaction on public Ardor testnet
  • Implement Asset Control

    Q4 2017 (done)

  • Ardor mainnet launch

  • Migration of ARDR balances from the Nxt blockchain asset to the Ardor Genesis block

  • Spawn of the IGNIS child chain based on NXT and JLRDA balances

  • Spawn of Bitswift child chain with 10% airdrop to IGNIS holders

  • Spawn of BTC, EUR, and USD pegged child chains backed by 3rd party business entities

Q1 2018

  • Ensuring Ardor is running stable in production, resolving any issues discovered post-launch
  • Interviewing, hiring, and training new developers, quality assurance, and support team

Q2 2018

  • Asset, Currency, Goods specific bundlers
  • Translation of wallet to 14 languages
  • Lightweight Contracts Add-on – testnet
  • Transaction Vouchers – testnet
  • Java 9 support

Q3 2018

  • Pruning of child chain transactions and sharing of snapshot data between nodes on testnet
  • Support for child chain specific transaction types
  • Research projects
  • Child chain specific subnets to improve scalability
  • Blockchain pruning of the Ardor parent chain
  • Child chain specific parameters such as block times and message size
  • Allow user issued child chains

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